committed to justice


  •  Belinda E. Edwards is a dedicated public servant who learned early in her career as a finance professional, attorney and judge, that she is most fulfilled while working in direct service to others. It is this same spirit of service driving her to run for Fulton County Superior Court Judge.

  • As a native of Atlanta and child of the civil rights movement, I was fortunate to have loving parents committed to sacrificing for their children so they might obtain what they didn’t have, a college education.   

  • My grandmother whom I spent a great deal of time with, Mrs. Ruby L. Edwards, stressed many things to me as a child but two were hallmarks: a. always vote, people died so that you could vote; and b. go out and get the best education you can, then come back and try to make a difference in your community.  

  • I took her advice to heart. I always vote. I also got the best education I could: a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University, an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a JD from Georgia State College of Law. After completing each milestone in my education, I came back to make a difference in my community.  

  • That is what I have done for the past thirty years and that is what I will continue to do as a Fulton County Superior Court Judge.

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